Saturday, January 30, 2010

Check Ceremony from VDC

It's a good thing that Abbey got better so fast, because yesterday morning Mitchel and VDC presented us and the Leukemia Society with the money that they raised at the "Praying for Abbey Show"! I really wanted Abbey to be able to be there so we could get some pictures and like always, she pulled through!! I often find myself daydreaming of her being all grown up and healthy, and showing her all the pictures and things that we've collected along the way to document our journey. Since she was diagnosed at such a young age, I think she will forget a lot of what she's had to go through (hopefully she'll forget all the bad stuff), but she will also probably not remember all this amazing stuff that's been done for us too! So, I have tons of pictures to show her of all the good stuff when she's older :)

I can't tell you how many times Jim and I have said that Abbey "stepped up to the plate" since she was diagnosed. There have been many situations where she is the focus of attention and if you know our Abbey at all, you know she is shy. She doesn't like the focus of attention to be on her, but there have been many times over this last year where it has been.

For those of you who have followed our blog for a while, you might remember that last spring she had the opportunity to play kickball with some of the Cleveland Indians. I was sure it was going to be hard for her to walk out onto Progressive Field with lots of grown men that she didn't know and play a game of kickball with them. But to our surprise, when we got there she got right out there and smiled and talked to the guys and even let some of them hold her! And she was the first up to kick in the game and watching her run her little heart out on this huge baseball field was amazing.

We also participated in Relay for Life (which we will be doing again this summer), and again she did great that day with being the youngest little cancer survivor there. Who could resist talking to our sweet little bald headed girl, yet she handled the attention like a champ.

And at the Praying For Abbey show she not only handled the day well, but she loved it! It was so exciting and wonderful, yet at times I was worried that the attention would be overwhelming for her. She talks about the show continually though and we often have reenactments of the show, where she is on stage and we are in the audience :). It has been so fun to see her growing up in so many ways and to watch her blossom. About a year ago, she was the little girl who would bury her face in my shoulder anytime anyone would talk to her and we are starting to see her enjoy being around new people. Yesterday morning as they presented us with the check, Abbey really enjoyed seeing Mitchel and the girls that were there and she yet again surprised us.

We continue to be in awe of Mitchel for choosing the Leukemia Society and our family to be the beneficiaries for his first show! Mitchel and this group of young people are a very special group of people and their desire to use their talent of dance to benefit others is amazing. A DVD of the show will be coming out soon and we are very anxious to get it so we can watch it again and again :)!

So our journey continues... both good and bad, ups and downs, yet we are surrounded by many who love us and for that we are forever thankful!

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Cindy Bailey said...

Love the pictures, Abbey looks so sweet and you couldn't tell what she'd been thru for a couple of days. She's truely an inspiration and yes she has stepped up to the plate like nobody else I've ever seen or known. I'm so thrilled for your family to receive that check, you all deserve it. Take care and God Bless!:)