Friday, January 29, 2010

Sick Abbey

We've had a couple rough days here. Wednesday afternoon, Abbey got a fever. She felt warm when she woke up, but was acting pretty normal so I waited about an hour to take her temperature in hopes that she was just warm from being bundled in her bed that morning. Sure enough, by lunch time she had a fever or over 101 which meant a call to the doctor and a trip to the hospital.

On Tuesday night I noticed her getting some mild cold symptoms. By Wednesday she definitely had a cold so we felt pretty sure that this fever was related to some sort of virus. Virus or not though we always have to take her in for a blood culture, numbers check and an antibiotic. Her numbers were nice and high so after everything was done there, we were able to come home.

Wednesday night her cold had gotten really bad and then right before bedtime she started throwing up. She had a very rough night with her fever continuing, a bad cold and vomiting. Ugh! I felt so bad for her. At one point in the middle of a throw up session she said "mommy, please pray that I would stop throwing up." We prayed together and she fell asleep soon after that. Not too long after she was up again though throwing up. This went on the whole night. By morning, she had stopped, but her fever was still there. She told me soon after she woke up that she stopped throwing up because we prayed. That pretty much was the best thing that came out of these last few days... Abbey seeing an answer to prayer :).

Anyways, this morning we put in another call to the doctor, and we were told to head back in, but this time with our bags packed for an admit. We were pleasantly surprised though that they let us leave after giving her some fluids and an antibiotic.

She is now sleeping soundly next to me on the couch with no fever :)! She hasn't eaten a bite of food all day, but she has been drinking and keeping the fluids down. We were told today that we would most likely have to bring her back to clinic again tomorrow for them to check her out once more before the weekend to make sure whatever this is is passing, but her planned chemo tomorrow (spinal tap with chemo put into her spinal fluid and vincristine in her port) will be held until this completely passes next week.

So, for now we continue to pray that she kicks this sickness to the curb and that her smile starts showing up again soon. Please join us in praying for our Abbey. Thanks and we'll let you know how she is tomorrow.


G Family said...

You are such AMAZING parents! She knew exactly what to do when she was feeling so sick! So sorry she has had a few rough days! Praying that the fever stays down and she will be able to eat again! WE LOVE YOU!

Aunt Karen said...

What amzing faith of a child. I love that Abbey had faith enough to ask for prayers. Children really do have faith, knowing that a loving God will help them. :o)

Love it! I remember prayers being answered in my life as a little child and that shaping my testimony and belief in God. Yay!

Misty Rice said...

Bless her heart....maybe she will feel better and not having to deal with the weekend after a chemo treatment is a surprise treat to her...and then she can attack it head on come next week.

Praying she went through the worst already and is on her way to getting over it.

Beth said...

That is too sweet about the prayer!

Praying that she is feeling better today!!


Cindy Bailey said...

Poor little Abbey girl. I'll be saying prayers that she recovers from her illness quickly. Hopefully this virus or bug doesn't spread to anyone else in your family. Abbey has shown us so many times just how amazing and resilient she is. Take care and I hope she's feeling better tonight. God Bless!~

*~(boom)~* said...

I am one of those random readers that visit all the time but very rarely comment. That being said, I just wanted to let you know that Abbey is in my thoughts often, and I am believing in her as hard as I possibly can.

I hope Little Miss Sunshine feels better soon.