Thursday, July 1, 2010

10 Years

Today Jim and I celebrate 10 years of marriage :)! It has been an amazing adventure so far! From our first year in Philly in our first tiny apartment, to our big move to Ohio, to Jim getting his dream job as a Police Officer, to buying our first house, to baby, after baby, after baby, after baby, to cancer, to lay offs, to good times and bad, it has been an amazing 10 years! There's no one else in the world that I'd rather experience it all with and Jim and I say it all the time... We make a great team!

Dating in College
Graduating from College in June of 2000

Our wedding - July 1st, 2000

Our Honeymoon in Jamaica

Summer 2010 :) Still going strong!

Thanks Jim for all the things that you do (here's a few of the many :)! For providing for our family amazingly, for not only allowing me to stay home with our kids, but having it no other way, for protecting us, for being the level headed one and bringing me back to reality when my mind starts going crazy, for being a hero to our four blessings, for talking to me for endless hours even when you're exhausted because you know that's what I need, for being wise with our money, for reading me scripture verses when I'm scared or worried, for running out to get pizza when you know I have completely run out of dinner ideas, for understanding my germaphobeiness and for helping to keep things clean, for being the spiritual leader in our home, for being so patient with the kids, for letting me sleep in as late as I want sometimes because you can tell in my eyes that I need it, for entertaining the thought of 1 more baby :), for being the best daddy to the most precious little girl with cancer, for reminding me of who's in control when things seem out of control, for being forgiving, for telling me how beautiful I am even when I look less than beautiful, for praying for me, for helping me give all 4 kids baths every night (man that gets to be exhausting :), for cleaning my van, for making me happy and for loving me and being the best husband and daddy! I love you Jim!

Happy Anniversary :)


nmassie218 said...

Beautiful post. You are so lucky! Happy Anniversary!!

Cindy Bailey said...

You are an amazing couple...HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY & MANY MORE HAPPY AND BLESSED YEARS TOGETHER!!! Thanks Shelley for sharing your pictures and posts with us all. God Bless!~

Bethany said...

Happy Anniversary Shelley & Jim! I love the part that says "for entertaining the thought of one more baby"--you are so cute Shelley. I don't know how you do it with the four you've got, but you sure make it look fun, and you sure seem easygoing as a mom. Enjoy celebrating these past 10 years together and looking forward to the next 10, and 10 after that and so on!

Sewconsult said...

Happy Anniversary & congratulations for holding on to each other through the good times & the bad. May you grow old together with more joys than sorrows.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN
who has been with her hubby for 38 yrs.

Keri said...

Happy Anniversary! You both do make a great team!