Saturday, July 17, 2010


We have spent lots of time at our local pool this summer. Jacob and Abbey are currently taking swimming lessons Monday-Friday for a 3 week session and they are loving it. Jacob has really strived in his class and just got moved up after mastering all the skills in the class that he was placed in. He's swimming so hard that by bedtime, he's out the second his head hits the pillow :)

Micah prefers running through the fountain most of the time that we're there. Every once in a while, he runs over to the pool and jumps in to me a few times, but he always finds his way back to the fountain :).

The weather here has been beautiful! Hot, hot, hot and just perfect for swimming during the day, and playing outside at night :). I sure wish summertime could last forever!!

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Anonymous said...

Man, I am proud of that kid! He will be ready for water skies and the tube by next summer!!!