Monday, July 12, 2010

Jacob's 7th Birthday, Abbey's first ponytail, our Snugglers and an End Date :)

Life here has been good! On July 7th we celebrated Jacob's 7th Birthday (his actual birthday is the 8th) and it was a super fun day! He invited 14 of his closest buddies to come spend the day at a place called Fun n Stuff and they jumped in inflatables, played video games, did eurobungy, played mini golf and ate pizza and cake. I truly cannot believe that we have a 7 year old already! Jacob has since been building all his new little lego sets and playing with all the other very cool stuff that he got. If you know Jacob at all, you know that he LOVES his toys. Since his birthday, his bed is full of his new stuff and you will often find him sleeping with a toy in his hand. Jacob is such a neat kid and we sure do love him!

Abbey had her first ponytail last week, which is pretty amazing considering last year at this time her hair had just started coming back in! There wasn't a better time than last week to be able to get your hair out of your face as we had some 90 degree days here. The kids have been fishes this summer and have been thoroughly enjoying our nearby pool. Today, Jacob and Abbey started swimming lessons and as we walked out to the car, all they could talk about was going back tomorrow so they could get back in the water.

Caleb is growing so fast and is quickly catching up to Micah! He is at the age now where he just loves his mommy :)! The feeling is totally mutual! He is also pretty crazy about his siblings! Micah often entertains him and keeps him smiling!

Jim is busy with work! He is so happy to be back! This month he is on afternoon shift, which is 3-11 and in the past this is usually a shift that I don't like too much since he's gone for dinner and bedtime, but I will never complain about or dislike a shift again. I'm just so happy that he is working Police shifts and back to doing what he was meant to do!

And lastly a quick update on Abbey. She has been doing beautifully! These last 2 months have been the most normal months since she was diagnosed, 21 months ago. Her numbers have been holding steady where they want them and she is handling all of her medications like a champ. She has had no fevers and has been healthy as can be! She will go back at the end of this month for her chemo in her port and spinal chemo and each clinic visit we know we are one month closer to being done. And the most exciting thing to share... We have an end date for her treatment!!! Her last treatment date will be
January 8th, 2011!!!

I'm going to end on that today as there is nothing that can top that :)!! Thanks for checking in!


Amanda said...

What a beautiful family you have and what an amazing testimony you have given of how to be a good and faithful servant to our Lord. So thankful that your daughter is really getting there!!!! :))

Bethany said...

January doesn't seem too far away!! I hope you have a huge celebration for her triumph over cancer :) By the way, I haven't gotten to talk to you in awhile, but I've been wanting to tell you that my brother is dating a girl who survived childhood cancer and you would never know now what she went through as a little girl. When we hang out I think that someday Abbey will be like Morgan (that's her name) with a completely normal life, a boyfriend (when Daddy allows!!) and studying hard at college. For now, of course, I'm sure you're just cherishing the thought of this all being over and of her enjoying the rest of her her childhood!! :)

nmassie218 said...

You have a beautiful family. So glad to hear Abbey is doing well. Happy 7th birthday to your big guy!

Cindy Bailey said...

Shelley thank you for the update and sharing your beautiful children with us.Glad Jacob had a wonderful birthday.Everyone looks the picture of health. I love the pics with Micah and Caleb together, they are adorable. I also love the ponytail...Abbey deserves to wear her hair anyway she pleases. I'm excited too that you finally have a date that the treatment will end. Praise God! Keep enjoying all the little things, they grow up so quickly.:)

Beth said...

Praise God!! January will be here before you know it!

Glad that you are enjoying the summer!


lparsons15 said...

Kids are so beautiful..I love Abbey's ponytail!

Alicia Larson said...

Woohoo!!! Let the countdown begin! : ) We love you guys!

Keri Bush said...

My heart is just, just over filled with so much right now and tears are falling on my keyboard. Your family is beautiful and Abbey has an end date. I remember being in the hospital room with you and talking about how long it would be for us all to fight this. Oh wow. when I see you next don't be surprised if I squeeze you too hard, its all joy and praise. I love you, Keri Bush

daisy2biker said...

That is WONDERFUL you guys have an end date to Abbey's treatment! I think a big celebration is in order for then! We will all be praising God she will be all done!
Glad to see the boys are doing great too! :)