Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All Is Well

All is well here in the Colbert home.  Yesterday, Abbey's treatment went as planned.  Her numbers looked great so her body continues to handle the chemos in this phase well.  We had to be at the clinic at 8:30 so it was an early morning for us.  Her sedation time was at 10 so we usually have to get there around an hour and a half before then so there is time to access her and see what her numbers look like (and then walk across the hospital to sedation).  I talked with the sedation doctor about the last time and the hard time she had coming out of it.  This time was much better.  I think they gave her too much medicine last time because this time they didn't have to give her that much and when the procedure was over she came out of it quickly and happy.  I cannot tell you the relief that it is to see her open her eyes and for me to get to hold her after it's over.  Although we've done this more times than I can even remember at this point, it never gets easy and I am always so thankful when it's over.

We then went back to the clinic for her to get her methotrexate and vincristine.  We got the best room in the clinic with a great view so that helped time go fast while we were there.  The Cancer Center is on the 6th floor and our room was right under where the helicopters land so we got to see a helicopter come in.  There is also a lot of construction going on at the hospital so we got to see lots of tractors and workers working.  Probably doesn't sound too exciting, but when were sitting there watching Abbey get her chemo, it's nice to have distractions for all of us so we can think about and talk about other things.  

Abbey has been feeling good since we've been home.  We have been giving her zofran (anti-nausea medicine) every six hours and it seems to be keeping her belly calm.  A dear friend of mine from church came to clean our house today so as I was doing school with the kids, my house was being cleaned.  It was a huge blessing (thank you Tina :)!!  After we were done with our school day, we went outside for a walk.  It was warm (well, not really.....a whopping 50 some degrees :)  and nice to get some fresh air.  Spring cannot come soon enough!  We are very much looking forward to being able to spend time outside.  We don't have to go back to the clinic until next Thursday, then she will get her last treatment of this phase.  We then have a 16 day break before starting Delayed Intensification.  

Our brave little fighter is doing great.  Thanks for praying for her!  We are truly blessed :)   


Bethany said...

It's so wonderful to see three beautiful smiling faces here today! I give you so much credit Shelley for going the home-school route during this difficult time. You are juggling so much and doing it with ease. Jacob and Abbey could not possibly dream of a better teacher than their mama!

We're praying for you as you end this phase and go into the next one. We think about you so often and cannot wait to see you again!

Hugs to you and your whole family :)

Keri Bush said...

Praise God for answered Prayers! I will be packing the computer tonight, I will miss reading your blog. Love you all dearly, Keri

Kay Seeker said...

I found your blog through blogs tha my daughter is addicted to. Her daughter, my precious grandaughter, also has ALL. She was diagnosed exactly a year before your beautiful Abigail. It is so amazing to hear you say the exact same things we did as we traveled the same road. Her blog is rileyelizabethmika.blogspot.com She's being treated at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston,Tx. We love to hear from people on the same journey.

Beth said...

I am so glad to hear that Abbey did well on Monday!

Keeping your family in our prayers!

Jake and Heidi said...

Hi! I have been trying to come up with something I can do to bring a smile to a face...bring someone joy..and I kind of got this idea from baby harper's blog(kelley's corner)

I am new to crocheting but if wanted or needed I would really like to make Abbey some hats. I will make them whatever color etc. she wants you just need to tell me what she wants and if I don't know yet how to do that I will learn! what does she love? flowers? hearts? stars?

I worked at a children's hospital before I had kids. I think that these beautiful and brave angels are SO lucky to have amazing parents like you!

Anonymous said...

Our neighbor's little girl was diagnosed with leukemia during her three-year well visit - 17 1/2 years ago. She is now a healthy college junior! May our Lord give Abbey strength to endure her treatments. Your daughter is beautiful.

Gail in Maryland

Heather said...

Great update and I love the pictures. Especially Abbey's smiling,radiant face.You can tell she is handling things like such a trooper.These kids just amaze me each and every day.Such strength and resiliency.Prayers continue for a smooth and gentle duration of this phase on precious Abbey.

Amber said...

Love the pictures of your babies. They are beautiful. :) I praise the Lord that Abbey's body is handling the treatments so well. And I think it's so wonderful that your church family is lovin' on you (cleaning your house! That's awesome!) What a blessing. You all hold a special place in my heart...I'm not sure if it's because we are so similar - my daughter is 3, my husband is a police officer, we live in Northeast Ohio. I just love checking in on you and hearing that things are going so well.

Terri said...

Love the pics...so precious!

So glad all is well...

Keeping Abbey in my prayers always...along with the rest of you

Happy Valentines Day!