Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Things here continue to be good.  Abbey is seeming to 'breeze' through this phase with minimal side effects.  We stopped her anti-nausea medicine a few days ago and she hasn't complained of any stomach issues.  We will go back next Monday for her next treatment in this phase.  She has two more treatments this phase, then we will be into our last phase before the two year Maintenance phase. Next Monday when we go, she will get three chemos instead of the regular two that she has had each time this phase.  Day 31 they always do a spinal tap and give a dose of methotrexate in her spine.  Her methotrexate through her port will also be increased and she will get the vincristine.  Day 41 will be her last day of chemos this phase, then she has a couple week break before starting Delayed Intensification, which is a very intense phase.  We are enjoying these days of her feeling good as we know we have two rough months ahead.  

I am going to be vulnerable for a minute here.  Sunday was a very hard day for me.  For some reason, Sundays always seem to be my hardest day, but this Sunday was especially difficult to get through.  I so miss going to Church.  It has been four months since Abbey was first diagnosed and we have in a sense lived in a bubble since then. Before this, the kids and I spent most of our time at home, but Sunday was always our day to get out of the house and go to church as a family.  Even when Jim worked on Sundays, I would always go to church with the kids.  I miss being able to do normal things; go to the store or out to Chick Fil A for lunch.  It is hard to explain because we still can get out some and do these things without Abbey (we have several wonderful people that are willing to come sit with her or all the kids if we want), but I don't want to do things without her.  It's hard for me to do "family things" without all of us.  I miss Abbey being well.  We also have to be very careful not to take Micah out of the house much because he has really never been sick his whole life and we know the second we take him in a public setting he will be a magnet for sickness.  We just do not want to bring anything into the house because you know how it is when one kids is sick, they all get sick.  Since Jacob is a little older, has built up some immunities and is pretty mindful about washing his hands, he has gotten out a little more.  He has gone to some friends houses and has done a few things at church, which he has needed.  He has rough days here and there and there's days where I think he just needs to see some faces other than ours. 

Back to Sunday.  The main reason why Sunday was an especially rough day was because of a little girl named Tuesday Fiona Whitt.  She was a little over 2 years old and was diagnosed with cancer in July 2008.  On January 30th, her battle with this awful disease ended and she went home to be with her Heavenly Father where she will have no more pain and suffering.  From reading their blog it seemed like her tumors were shrinking and things were overall going well in her treatment.  About a week ago, a CT scan showed that her cancer had doubled in size in a very short time and the cancer was no longer chemo sensitive and horribly aggressive.  She died a few days later.  I have been sick since I heard about their story and my heart is broken for this family as they have to stay here and continue on in this life without their precious little girl.  I know this is so hard to read.  It hurts to write these words and scares me so much to be reminded of this horrible disease that we are up against. Below is the button to their blog if you'd like to leave this family a comment.  Please pray for the Whitts as they have a road ahead that no parent can be prepared to walk.


mommyof5 said...

I happened upon your blog, my 4 yr old niece was diagnosed with ALL on 0ct.6 2008 since then she was put in the extreme high risk ALL. If you have any desire to speak to others with ALL my sisters site is giles-avarie.blogspot.com
I will include your family in our prayers

Ferrick said...

Bella just completed the phase your Abbey is in. She had absolutely no complications from it and it was a wonderful 7 weeks. Her counts were up which allowed us to get out like life was normal. In 12 days, we start the 60 day treatment before the 19 month maintenance. So we are two weeks apart on this journey. I found Tuesdays blog the day she passed, their story touched my heart, and like you, I cant get them out of my head. Praying for your Abbey, I have your button on my blog. Blessings, Susie

Sassy said...

I also found the Whitt's blog the night she passed. I started reading their entire blog before they posted her passing and the whole time prayed for a miracle for that family. It wasn't until I went back later I found she had passed while I was reading her story. Truly heart breaking! I could not sleep that night to say the least and my heart still aches for them. It was through one of their followers that I found your blog and I wanted to let you know that I am praying for sweet, brave, and beautiful little Abbey, as well as the rest of your family. I firmly believe in miracles, as my daughter herself is one. God is good and can do ANYTHING! I also posted your button on my blog. If you would like to visit mine and read my daughter's story please feel free. It's always nice to have fellow believers to pray with and talk to in times of need. God bless!


BEE said...

I too found your blog because of Tuesday Witt. My heart aches for her family!

Your family is beautiful and I will keep your Abbey in my prayers!

It is people like you, the Witts etc, that are truly inspiring to me! At times it is so difficult to remember to keep our eyes, our thoughts and our focus upward!! God bless Abbey, you and your family!

We are in Ohio as well...keep warm!