Friday, February 6, 2009

Western Reserve - Grace Church

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We have talked in the past about how much we love our church and although I know many of you live out of state, we wanted to invite those of you who do live in this area to come check us out.  It is located in Macedonia and there is some super exciting stuff going on there lately.  This Saturday evening we are launching our Saturday 5:30 p.m. service and are also opening a new cafe!  

In the next four weeks, we will be in a series called "She is..." This series is "for women, and the men that pursue them."  That's all of us :)  right?!  Our Pastor, Jason Haymaker will talk on what God thinks about us women. 

Jim and I are so excited about this new day and time because Jim is a Police Officer and works many Sundays.  He works 5 weekends in a row and then has two off.  He loves his job and everyday does exactly what he wanted to do his whole life, but at times the changing shifts and rotating days off can be hard for family life.  It's also hard that for years he has worked many Sunday mornings and can't be at church.  Since Abbey got sick, his police department has been amazing in giving him dayshift for now (usually he would be rotating days and afternoon shift) because day shift is wonderful.  He is home by 3:30 pm which you can't beat, but rarely can go to church. Also, since Abbey has been sick we haven't been going since we can't take her and haven't been ready to leave her yet.

So, all that said, we will be starting to go to church every Saturday night which we are so excited about.  My sister Stacey, along with some others at our church are going to take turns coming over to sit with Abbey on Saturday nights so we can go.  We are praying that by summertime, we will be able to take Abbey with us :)  I can't wait to walk in that building again as a family!  I think it will be so neat for everyone to get to see this little girl that they have been praying so hard for and see how God is changing us all through this process.  Our church family has been amazing to us and I don't think they will ever know how much they have meant to us as we've gone through this difficult time.  

Click Here for the info. about our church.  Times, place, details about this series, etc....  If you don't have a home church, we really encourage you to check us out.  We promise, you will feel welcomed and at home the second you walk in the doors and you will love this place.  We feel blessed to be a part of this amazing group of people and would love for you to join us :)  

If you have any question, please feel free to e-mail us at  

Hope to see you there :)!


daisy2biker said...

How awesome that you guys are going to be able to make it back to church! We all miss you guys and think about you and pray for all of you. Look forward to seeing you guys there.
~Bekky Bittner

Kelly Hunt said...

We are thinking about checking out Grace this weekend- possibly Sunday, just depending on how Avery is feeling. She came down with a cold. We haven't been going anywhere for a while now, we were going to that one church I told you about, Steve liked it, but it was a little too contempary for me. And our old church was too old fashioned for him, so we are trying to find somewhere that we both like and feel comfortable at. I have thought about Grace for a while, since you told me about it, and seeing your blog, makes me think, we really need to check it out. Pending on how Avery is doing, I'll let you know if we go.

dana said...

How very exciting for you to get to go to church on Saturday nights...we too did the same thing when our little one was in the midst of treatment. Family and friends stepped in and it was such an amazing thing to be back with the body of Christ.

May the Lord richly bless you...

Heather said...

Hello dear Colbert family,Just catching up on things as I do not have the computer when I am in the hospital with Zoey.I think after 3 months, we are going to finally break down and get another laptop.I love the videos of Abbey.You are so right about the personality shining for all to see.I really need to do the same.I totally get the church thing.It is one of the biggest things I miss doing as a family.One day soon I hope for that to change.Abbey sounds as if she is doing amazing during this latest phase.Our prayers in abundance for continued progress in all the right directions.I too read about sweet Tuesday.This lose is one that we cannot fathom but also stirs within our hearts the fragility of it all.Being inpatient for so long we see all too often the reality around us.We are taught by the journeys of other and the courage of these little ones to remember to live in our immediate moments and trust in His strength and His grace to cover us all.I am sorry I haven't posted Abbey's button.It's on the agenda for today while I am home.

Keri Bush said...

I have thought of the day you all walk into the church as a full family many times that tears always come to my eyes and my heart is fulled with anticipated joy. I can't wait for that day. I can't wait. You all better bring ear plugs. Because shouts, yells, and applause of joy will fill the air in Macedonia that wonderful day. Ohhh, I can't wait.