Friday, February 27, 2009

All Dressed Up - Nowhere to Go

Actually... lots of places we'd like to go, but we can't right now. Abbey put this outfit on yesterday when we got home from the clinic and she looked so cute. I so wanted to take her out and share her cuteness, but know we will be homebound for a while now. Then I thought "all my blogger friends can see her :)" so here she is.... Our brave little warrior, continuing to truck on and beat this disease. We love this girl so much!!

Yesterday we went to the clinic, but not for chemo :). They looked at her blood to see where her numbers were and how she's handling the last treatment in the last phase. Her ANC which is the infection fighting part of her WBC is low. It is at 800, which means she is borderline neutrapenic and pretty succeptible to infection right now. So, we won't be taking her out of the house again until her next treatment day, which is next Thursday. Her other numbers looked really good so we are praying that her ANC is on it's way up and will be way up by next Thursday. The higher it is when she starts the next phase, the better.

She also had her echocardiogram and that went well. She was very patient and laid still while the tech did it. I was super proud of her. We are waiting for the doctor to call us today with the results, but feel confident that her heart is doing good. At this point they weren't expecting to see anything wrong, but just want to check it before starting the next round of chemo.

Jacob and I are both fighting off colds right now, which really stinks since she is borderline neutrapenic. We are washing our hands like crazy and wiping down the house continually. This is the first cold that's been in our house all winter, so we are doing everything we can so Abbey doesn't get it. I am the biggest baby when I have a cold! I always tell Jim that I'd rather break my arm then not be able to breathe out of my nose when I sleep. I know it's a little extreme, but I am miserable with a cold. Some of Abbey's "toughness" needs to rub off on me!

The last thing I want to share is how we have seen God's hand in many little things lately. A few days ago I was feeling down and discouraged as I looked ahead to these next two months, and that same day I got two things in the mail from friends with amazing encouragement and a phone call from another friend. God knew I needed that on that exact day and for that I was thankful. I love to love people by words of encouragement and that is also how I feel loved. Thank you so much friends (you know who you are :) for your words. Not only was I encouraged, but also was reminded of how intimately involved God is in this situation.

I also have been praying for some time now that God would show us how we could use this situation in others lives for His glory. As I washed dishes the other day and sang my heart out to some of my favorite Christian songs, I had this idea that I really felt like is from God. The night Abbey was diagnosed we laid in our room the whole night, just looking at our sweet baby sleep and having so many fears, questions and unknowns. It was a night that everyone of you parents can imagine and it was the hardest night of our lives. I so wished that I could talk to another mom that's been there. Another mom who has been shocked by those same words and who has been on this journey, with a healthy child in the end. Down the road, when this chapter of our lives is over, I'd so love to be that mom that they call when there is a new diagnosis, for that new mom and family, to talk to. I want to be available, no matter what time of day or night it is, to head to Rainbow 2, to hug that mom, pray with her and listen and tell them our story. Our doctors and nurses have been amazing since day one, but there were so many things that we had no idea what to expect and would have loved to talk to a mom whose been down this same road. So, although we still are on this journey and have a ways to go, I was so excited about what the future holds and how God is going to use our situation for years to come. I also was thinking that Abbey will have to be healthy and cancer free for me to be able to do this :) So, I think God was also reassuring me that we will get there!!!


Bethany said...

Shelley, you would be perfect as a support person for others getting the "bad news" in the future when Abbey is healthy. I could not imagine a more kind and caring gal to do the job--what a wonderful idea. I hope you pursue it!

Beth said...

Abbey looks adorable all dressed up!!

I hope that you are feeling better soon!

And what an awesome gift you could give to another family struggling with a similar situation! You rock!

Just wondering if there is a support group or a way for YOU to connect with another mom who has gone through this before? Perhaps Rainbows has a list of parents that are available to talk to etc?

Anonymous said...

Abbey looks that huge smile! Enjoy this break from chemo. Praying that you and Jacob are feeling better and Abbey's ANC numbers increase. You will be a blessing to other families that have children facing the scary unknown. You will be able to say I have "walked in your shoes" and listen to their fears and give them words of encouragement. What a wonderful gift to give others!

Annapolis, MD

daisy2biker said...

So glad to hear that Abbey is feeling good. I will say a prayer for you and Jacob to feel better and for Abbey not to get it.
Abbey looks adorable all dressed up! What a great picture.
What an inspiration you are to want to help others when they start the journey you are on. I will be praying for you.
God is doing amazing work through your family! Enjoy the chemo break.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable picture of Abbey! She looks all grown up here.

dana said...

I think your desire to be there for other parents is a wonderful idea...I too have experienced that dreadful day of hearing those dreaded words and I know it would have been so nice to have someone share in that, who understood.

Thinking of your dear Abbey...My Camryn is back in the hospital on chemo, we are beginning our journey again...

Praying for you and your family.

Gill said...

You guys seem to have come a long way with such a tough road ahead. Who better than you to offer love and support to other families?
As for Abbey's outfit..oh my how cute! She is adorable and still wears a stunning smile.
Hope your cold goes soon.xx

Heather said...

She is just so,so cute and before you know it you all will be out doing regular family stuff showing off her cuteness.Zoey has not been anywhere except home and the hospital since October.Her ANC has never been higher than 1000 since treatment and usually we are in for another round when it is that high.House bound is hard on everyone but worth it to see these precious little ones healthy and free of this disease.God has great plans for us all.We have to hold tight to that.She is a fighter and a warrior and your love and God's gentle hand will see you all through it.Keep that faith strong, as I know you all will and He will do the rest.And Abbey ... she will show you the way as well.

G Family said...

Abbey made it all the way to Dover, DE in her cute outfit!!!!!


Anonymous said...

She is radiant! What warmth & joy her smile shares with us in this picture! Her strength is amazing, as is yours! You are always in our prayers.

The Mitchell Family

Anonymous said...


Abbey and your family continue to stay in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up your amazing strength throughout this journey. May you continue to inspire all that read this blog. Your faith and spirit is contagious!


Belle's Blog said...

Just adorable! Our family will now be praying for Abbey and your family! Stacy

Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of Abbey in her cute outfit. Please tell her that she's beautiful in it! I'm praying that her ANC levels rise and are high enough to start her next phase of the treatments.I just hope you know what an awesome job you're doing through all of the treatments right along with Abbey.I know that she is a little fighter, and it takes special parents to be doing what you all are doing. Take care of yourself too. I hope that you and Jacob are feeling well soon. God Bless!