Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jim!!

March 24th, 1978.... a few minutes after Jim was born (yes, that's really him!)

Dear Jim,

I wanted to share a couple things with you today (and the rest of the world :) on your special day.  First of all, I can't believe  your 31!  I still feel like we are 21 and 22 .... like we just got married and are still newlyweds (not only do I feel like we haven't aged, but you still look 22 (notice how he looks exactly the same on our wedding day, 9 years ago as he does today :).... why am I aging and he's not?!! :) )  Anyways, it's hard to believe that we have been married 9 years already this summer.  In a way it seems like we just said "i do" yesterday, but then again I can't imagine life without you.  The memories that we have made both together and as a family are the best of my life.

Our wedding day.  July 1st, 2000

A little walk down memory lane.  I will never forget our first apartment.  It was a tiny, one bedroom apartment and I remember being so content there and honestly thinking that we could live there forever.  It didn't matter that the walls and floors were paper thin and we could hear everything that went on in every apartment around us.  Not to mention it was right across the street from a crazy high school and we experienced some other really weird things happen around us the year we lived there.  We were together and that was all that mattered.  And I still remember how you willingly moved to Ohio so I could be back home.  You would do anything to make me happy.  You still are that same way.  And I have seen  how God has blessed you in many ways because of  your faithfulness to Him.  After applying at several police departments, including Cleveland, God gave you Pepper Pike.  What a blessing that was and is to both you and me.  And not a day goes by that you don't appreciate that job and do your very best at it.  You are a hard worker and you do everything to the best of your ability.  You never complain that you have to get up at 5:30a.m. everyday and you have always supported and loved the fact that I stay home and raise our kids.

And I will never forget the night our first born, Jacob came into this world.  It was magical and as I watched you hold him tight and stare at his little face, I knew you'd be the most amazing father that a child could ask for.  You are.  And then when your first girl was born.  Oh how you wanted to protect her and love her forever.  You do.  And Micah... even though he cried for 3 months straight, you never ceased to amaze me with your patience and gentleness with him. These kids adore you.  Their lives are safe and secure with you and they are each turning into these amazing little people.  It's because they have a father who not only loves them, but who invests in their lives continually and who teaches them what's really important in this life.  One who sacrifices daily and is committed to God, their mommy and them.  

Daddy and Jacob on the day Jacob was born... July 8th, 2003

Daddy & Abbey in the hospital.... a few days after she was diagnosed.

Daddy trying to patiently get Micah to stop crying :)

And as a husband.  You have been so good to me.  Since we were first married, you have been the steady, consistent thing in my life.  Since day 1 you have protected me and taken care of me and our family and I know you will continue to be our rock.  You are even keeled and keep me from going off the deep end at times.  You have always been the person that I can go to when things seem like they are falling apart.  And you've never amazed me more than you have these last six months.  What we are going through is something that most people will never have to endure.  We have had the most stressful of days, scariest of nights and saddest of hours.  We have walked a road that at times seems like the impossible.  Yet you have never once... ever... waivered in your faith or your commitment to continue to lead our family through this.  Over these last six months, we have been through so much.  Yet we have made some of our greatest memories as a family.  We have laughed hard together and cried hard together.  We have grown in many ways, and for that I'm thankful.  I look forward to spending forever with you Jim! 

 Thank you for being the best dad and husband to us!  Happy Birthday!!

I love you!


The Gammons Family said...

Happy birthday, Jim! Shelley, thanks for pointing out the many evidences of God's grace. You're a very blessed woman and you know it! Thanks be to God for men like Jim and for how HE works through them. Jim, it has been good to watch you from afar.


Beth said...

Happy Birthday to your Jim!!

Shelly, this post was just amazing! What a nice way to honor your husband!

Kristine said...

Lovely post! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Love the photos...and YES husbands don't age. What's with THAT!?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Jim! What a beautifully written letter.

Annapolis, MD


Isn't it fabulous to be married to your best friend and your hero?

God bless you both for your faith and your love for each other and your family.

Alicia Larson said...

Happy Birthday Jim! I am so proud of the man you've become.

Your Sister,


Keri Bush said...

Jim and Shelley, you both are amazing people and I love you dearly. Happy Birthday Jim!