Sunday, March 8, 2009

Signs of Spring

The last two days were beautiful here in Ohio.  We spent much of Friday and Saturday outside and enjoyed every second of it.  Every year, once March hits we start really getting the "spring itch" (probably like everyone who lives in cold, snowy, winter states).  This spring will be extra wonderful for us.  First, Abbey will be in Maintenance by the beginning of May.  Also, most winters we feel cooped up in the house, but this winter we have really been housebound and spending these last two days outside was like a breath of fresh air for us.  The kids ran and played for hours.  It was good for all of us!  

Abbey has been feeling pretty good overall.  Today is day three of the steroids and we are seeing a little of their effects, but not too much at this point.  Her appetite has picked up, which is nice because her appetite has been down lately.  It isn't to the point where she is waking up in the middle of the night screaming "chicken" yet and hopefully it won't get to that during this round of them.  The steroids effected her last time in countless ways, the worst being extreme mood swings with going days without smiling or talking to anyone, laying on the couch from morning until night, not being able to walk, obsessive eating (like nothing you've ever seen from a petite little three year old), restless sleeping, weight gain (she went from 29 to 39 lbs. in a month) and she was so swollen she was unrecognizable.  It took a while for all the things that the steroids did to her to slowly come out of her body.  All of her muscle strength came back and about three days off the steroids she was smiling and happy just like before.  She also is back down to her normal weight so all that swelling went down.  We don't anticipate the effects this time being nearly as bad because she is on them for less amount of time with a week break in between.  She is on them right now for 7 days, then off for 7, then on for 7 more.  Then done!! We anticipate the most side effects showing up toward the end of the second week as they build up in her body.  

Today she is still laughing, running around and acting happy for the most part.  We have a medicine calendar on the refrigerator and each day we get through we cross out with a big X. Tomorrow afternoon we will be half way through this first week of them and oh how we can't wait to be done.  Tomorrow we have to go back to the clinic for her to get two shots of chemo into her legs.  They then will watch her for an hour after that to make sure she has no reaction because some kids have bad reactions to this type of chemo.  She had these same shots the week she was diagnosed and she did fine with them, but the doctor said that doesn't necessarily mean she won't react differently to them this time.   Please pray that she will handle these shots well, that she wouldn't be too traumatized by getting them and that she will have no funny reactions.

See our pictures from our days outside by clicking here.



Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures...Abbey looks great. She looks so happy playing outside with her brothers. Praying that Abbey's side effects are minimal and she tolerates her shots with no adverse reactions tomorrow. I am sure you all are looking forward to warmer weather and spring!

Annapolis, MD

Anonymous said...

I too live in Ohio and the weather has been amazing! I just hope it stays this way. I'm so glad your family got to get out and enjoy the weather! I always feel renewed hope when it gets warmer. Good luck with the chemo treatments tomorrow!

dana said...

Praising the Lord that you had such a wonderful weekend! What wonderful pictures...I felt that I caught a glimpse of your life in Ohio and that was so fun. Jacob, Abbey and Micah are absolutely darling and I just smiled to see them so happy and enjoying life.

I am praying for Abbey that this round continues to go well and I will be praying for her chemo shots reactions!

Thanks for sharing...I love hearing about how Abbey's doing. Praying for her...for you all!

May spring bring amazing things for the Colbert family.

~ Dana

Amber said...

I love your photos! So glad you were all able to get outside and enjoy the mild weather. It looks like your kids really enjoyed themselves. :)

Anonymous said...

How great Abbey looks!
Nothing like some good weather to lift everyone up! I will be praying for her & you as this next round continues. I know how hard it is to watch the effects of the steroids, it gave me hope to know it was only temporary.
Happy Spring!
Angela Mitchell


Your kids are so beautiful. Jacob looks like a fantastic oldest brother. And Micah has such a fabulous grin!

Abbey is just beautiful -- with or without hair! ;) God bless. You continue to be in our prayers.

Beth said...

We are on the other side of town but we had a GREAT few days as well!! We had two days of very muddy pants and dirty nails but are thanking God for the ability to be outside again!! We can't wait for Spring!!

Praying that Abbey continues to do well with her treatments, that there are no or very little side effects and that she feels good through this process!!!

I hope that all goes well with the shots!

Thinking and praying about little Abbey!!