Thursday, July 30, 2009

And We're Off.... Almost

Pictures of Abbey from this week :)

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is Friday again. This week has flown by and if I'm going to be honest, I'm glad it did. We have been on lock down in the house to keep Abbey (and the rest of the gang) away from germs and sickness all week. Tomorrow morning we will head out bright and early for Abbey's blood to be checked again and to see if her numbers are higher. We have been praying our hearts out that her immunity is back up again.

This week was hard in many ways, but we have been busy around the house getting ready for our vacation. We decided to keep Jacob home (and of course Abbey too) from VBS. The kids both knew that VBS was this summer, but I never said it was this week so as it got closer to Monday we decided that would be the easiest thing to just keep them both home. They actually never really knew all week that they were missing it, but at some point we will have to tell them that it's over. It was too heartbreaking for us to have to tell Abbey that she couldn't go and it would be harder for her if every night Jacob was gone. It was a hard decision to keep him home too, and we really didn't want him to miss it, but it's one of those things where we just thought this would be the best way to go about this tough situation. We know God is using this in Jacob's life as He is in all our lives and at times like these we have to trust our heart and know that God is directing us and using each situation for good. We had some offers from wonderful girls at our church to do a VBS with the kids at home at some point so we may take them up on it :)

We will leave tomorrow, soon after lunch for Myrtle Beach. We are going to break the trip up into two days, stopping after 6 hours of driving tomorrow and then going the rest of the way on Saturday. We are very much looking forward to our time away! We met with our friends who own the condo this week and we got to see pictures of the condo and all the fun things to do around there. It looks amazingly beautiful and we can't wait to be there. If Abbey's numbers are down, we may be limited in our activities, but we know that just being there will be refreshing.

Please be in prayer with us about Abbey's numbers tomorrow. Please pray that her ANC is up. There are a lot of water parks and fun things we will be able to do if her immunity is back up. Also, please pray for safe travels for us and for Abbey to stay healthy as we are away. No fevers or sickness of any kind. We are excited, but a little nervous to take her so far so please pray that we would all be able to relax and just enjoy our time away.

Thank you and we will let you know how her numbers are when we get a chance tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Praying that Abby's numbers are up and that your family has a wonderful vacation.

Katie V said...

Praying that Abby gets the numbers she needs for you to do as youwish while you're away. Enjoy your vacation. = ] And by the way Abby's hair is looking great, it's really starting to come back strong.
Prayers from Australia, sent your way.

Bethany said...

praying :)

Cindy Bailey said...

I love seeing Abbey looking so well and happy,,,thanks for sharing her pics with us. Her hair is getting longer each time I see her! I'm praying that her numbers are up today and also keeping you all in prayers for a safe trip to and from Myrtle Beach and also praying that everyone stays well. Enjoy your vacation!!!:)

Suzanne said...

Been awhile since I checked your blog...prayers for Abby's ANC to rise up and for you all to have an AMAZING beach vacation :)

I read about the Make A Wish...our son's Wish was to go to Disney World as well. We went in January and had the most wonderful time. Give Kids the World Village is a fabulous place in and of itself!!! Such a blessing!!!

Love in Christ

daisy2biker said...

Praying Abbey's numbers are up and for all to go well on your well deserved vacation! We missed Abbey & Jacob at Zooplosion as well. Enjoy the time away...

Julie said...

Praying that Abby's numbers are up and you and your family have a GREAT vacation!!