Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Shelley

Today is a great day to celebrate here in the Colbert household.  We get to celebrate Shelley's birthday!  Each day that passes I continue to be amazed at how blessed I am to have Shelley as my wife, and how blessed our kids are to have her as their mommy.  Shelley's life this past year has continued to be consumed by her passion to love God and glorify Him in all that she does.  We have had a roller coaster year and regardless of whether we are going through a valley or a peak, Shelley has kept her eyes focused on the One who created her.  
I know that many of you have seen her strength through this blog.  I have been able to see it first hand during the last 10 months.  One of Shelley's greatest fears was always the fear of something "bad" happening to one of our kids.  That fear came true with the diagnosis of Abbey's leukemia.  Yet even with that greatest fear coming true, Shelley's faith never waivered... it became even stronger.  
A few months ago, our pastor preached a series on characteristics of women.  Pastor Jason had requested a few men from the church interviewed about the women in their lives who live out that characteristic.  I was asked to speak about one of those topics... She is Strong.  Check out the video below.  Just an FYI, there are two other guys speaking about their wives in the video as well.  Also, be sure to PAUSE THE MUSIC!  

I love you Shelley with all my heart and I hope that you have the most wonderful day!  You are loved by many, but most importantly you are loved by God!  Happy Birthday Shell!!!!



Anonymous said...

Dearest Shelley,

Today is a glorious day. A day to celebrate you and the gift that you are to our family. I never will forget the day Jim brought you home to meet us. You were so adoreable, a tiny little curly headed beauty. You jumped out of the car with your backpack on your back and I could see how Jim looked at you that I knew in an instant you were the one for him. The gift that we had prayed for, for many years. The gift that God would bring into Jim's life to love him and care for him and be his soulmate. And that is exactly who you are. We are so thankful for you and blessed by you. You bring out the best in Jim. Your strength and faith as a couple has been such an encouragement to us. Dad and I just want to tell you how much we love you and wish you a joyful day of rest in the Lord. We are so grateful to Him who Loves and gives Strength and Grace so freely.

Happy Birthday our daughter-
We Love You
Mom and Dad Colbert

Amber said...

Happy birthday Shelley! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Shelley!!!

Your husband and inlaws(comment) are soooo sweet!


The Gammons Family said...

You are a blessed man. Thanks for sharing your heart and for loving your wife in front of the world. GREAT words from your parents too! Thanks for continuing to write.



What an awesome tribute to your strength and perseverance, Shelley. God bless you today. Happy birthday! Your wonderful family continues to be in our prayers.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Shelley!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Shelley!! I hope you had a wonderful day!

The video was beautiful and very powerful! We are still on our church search and even more excited to visit one of your church's services this coming weekend!

God Bless you!!

Margaret said...

Hello Shelley and family...hope your birthday was great! We miss seeing you at tee ball...hope the kids are well. Things sound really great for Abigail...always in our thoughts and prayers. We feel so blessed to have met you all and got to know you through tee ball. We would love to see you guys again...perhaps a cookout or a visit to the park? Call us, 330-425-4945 Love, the Tabones

Laurel Greer said...

that was amazing Jim!!!!!