Friday, July 31, 2009

We're Off!

Right now I am sitting in a hotel room looking at my four favorite people sleep peacefully all around me, while I feel the fifth one do some pretty cool moves in my belly. It is such a nice change of scenery and as much as I'm a homebody, it's so nice to be away right now. We are half way to our destination and somewhere in Virginia.

Our clinic visit this morning was o.k. Not great, but not bad. Abbey's ANC (neutraphils) are still very low, but there is something else that they look at in her blood called monocytes. Monocytes are important because they turn into neutraphils and her monocytes were nice and high this week so it is an indication that her ANC is on it's way up. Last week was hard not only because her neutraphils were so low, but her monocytes too were very low so they couldn't say that her numbers would be up soon. Today they were confident in saying that her immunity is on it's way up and they were pleased with what they say today compared to last week's blood check. So, although it wasn't exactly what we wanted to hear, we are thankful that things are on the up and up and that there was an improvement from last week. We normally would have to go back next Friday to again check her numbers, but since we will be gone until Sunday they said it would fine to come in on Monday (a week from this Monday). We feel pretty confident that by then her numbers will be back up to where they should be and they will be able to continue on with her oral medications. The nice thing is that she again is getting a week break from almost all of her medications (and we have the assurance that things are looking up).

We asked them more specific questions today about what we should and shouldn't do while on our vacation. We have to be mindful about indoor crowds and be diligent in giving her baths after she's in the pool or sand. Anyone that knows me knows this is far from hard for me. I really can't tell you the last time I skipped a bath for any of my kids at night so I assured them that I would continue to be my neurotic self while on vacation. I sometimes actually annoy myself with my germaphobe ways, but I think God put that in me a long time ago since he knew I was going to have a kid with cancer. When we checked into the hotel, Jim stayed in the van with the kids for 20 minutes so I could come up to the room to plug in our air purifier, wipe everything down, tear off the bedding and put sheets and blankets from home on the beds. If there's anything that I can do to try to protect my immunocompromised child from sickness, you can be sure I will be doing it!

Tomorrow morning we will get up whenever the kids wake up and go down to the hotels continental breakfast and then we will be back on the road. We have about five hours left until we reach Myrtle Beach so if it goes half as good as our drive went today, we'll be in good shape. The kids were troopers and we are really glad that we broke the drive into two days. We will be meeting up with Jim's parents there as they too are somewhere in Virginia for the night.

As we drove today, I had a lot of time to think and meditate on how blessed I am. We
listened to a lot of our favorite Christian music and I was brought to tears many times
as I looked in the mirror back at Jacob, Abbey and Micah. I am crazy, madly in love
with my family and although this life hasn't been easy (especially the last 10 months),
I wouldn't want to be anyone else. God has been so good to me and I am thankful for
everyday that He has given me. I know He is molding me into the person that He
wants me to be and am just praying that I would continue to be shapeable and trust in His perfect plan for my life.

Thank you for praying for Abbey's numbers this week. We feel covered in prayer each
and every day. Once we get settled in our home for the next week, I'll be sure to share
some pictures :)


Keri Bush said...

Praise God her numbers are moving up! Enjoy your trip. I love hearing/reading how much you are in love with your family. I love you guys, have a wonderful time- you all deserve it! Love, Keri

daisy2biker said...

So happy for you guys that Abbey's numbers are on their way up giving you some peace of mind to enjoy your vacation! Praying everything will go smoothly.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys got to get out of town!! Have a FABULOUS time! Say hi to Jim's parents for us. I can't wait to get together and tell you all about Cambodia. You think there are germs here?!! I think germs are the country's national bird!! Anyway - praying for lots of good memories and relaxation for you guys.
Love and hugs, the Haymakers

JC said...

Glad you are getting to get away! I know you will enjoy the time with your family. We got to take our little girl, Summer, who has kidney cancer to the beach recently. It was nice to get away from the clinic and drs. and just relax. Don't forget to let your hair down and have some fun!

G Family said...


Andrea said...

Thanking God you all got off safely and that things are looking positive for Abbey. Can't wait to hear about your time together and see the pictures!

Sara said...

Enjoy your week away! You all have more than earned it! btw . . . it's great to see Abby's hair coming back in! It will be even more beautiful than ever before:)

Anonymous said...

I know I haven't commented in a LOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG time but that does not mean we have not been praying for you all. We have been praying for your vacation this week for all kinds of stuff (safe travels, protection, fun, peace, restoration etc, etc). we love you guys and can't wait to hear about your vacation

Shaun (&Lindsay & Zachary)

Beth said...

Hope you guys are having a wonderful time at the beach!!

Your words brought a tear to my eye when you said how madly, crazy in love you are with your family and how you pray to remain shapeable by God. How true is that!

I pray that this week gives your family some much needed time away and that Abbey continues to grow stronger!