Tuesday, October 7, 2008


From Shelley: October 7 @ 12:01 AM

I am struggling right now as I write this. We just downloaded the pictures that we have taken so far and it is hard to look at them for me. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and I do see God at work, but it is just plain hard and horrible to know what is happening in her little body. I really hate that it's happening. Please pray hard today (Tues.) as she is having a new chemo shot into her legs. I'm nervous for it and just want it to all be over.


Today started off good. Abbey woke up smiling, which was a huge blessing to us. She isn't a morning person so for her to wake up with a smile on her face after all she's been through was such an encouragement to us. She is such a trooper that just thinking about it makes me cry. I wish I had her strength and bravery. She is seriously the most amazing person I've ever met (and she's mine :) There is an organization called "Flashes of Hope" and it's a photographer that comes and takes pictures of children with cancer and their families and then gives the family a beautiful album with the pictures in it at no cost. Not only do they do all that for you, but they had professional hair and makeup people to do Abbey's hair (she even got lip gloss) and my hair and makeup. When they were doing her hair I cried the whole time. She has such beautiful blond hair and I know it will start to come out soon and I know that is going to be so hard.

The day was overall a good one. We got moved to a bigger room, which is nice since we were quickly growing out of our old room. We have a pack n play set up now in our room for Micah when he's here during nap time and that worked out great today. Abbey took a good three hour nap, which her body desperately needed. She was in good spirits and her and Jacob had a lot of moments together where it was just "normal".

There are so many amazing supports systems here on the floor and today a family life person helped us some in talking to the kids a little more in depth about what is going on in Abbey's body. There were little people, a doctor and a bone with white and red blood cells, platelets and also leukemia cells. I was able to explain that to them using the pictures and they seemed to understand a little more of what is going on. There is also a book about a little girl with leaukemia that we will read to them tomorrow. A little at a time.

Tonight we got a great meal from the Cherrys (thanks guys) and Abbey ate like a champ. She had seconds. Jacob is doing great with my in laws, but I know he is missing us at home so tonight I asked him if he wanted to stay for the night and he was all for it! We had a slumber party with a movie and snacks and I think we all needed it. Tomorrow Abbey will be getting another dose of chemo. This is one she hasn't had yet so please pray really hard for no bad side effects and that she would settle down quickly when they are done (it's 2 shots in her thighs). Also, Friday we will be having the time of prayer in the hospital while she is in surgery to see where her bone marrow is at this point so it will be a big day for us. We should know by tomorrow or Wednesday what time it will be. Please join us as we cry out to the Lord and cover Abbey, the doctors and this whole situation in prayer. It would be such an encouragement to us to join with you in prayer during these hard couple hours for us. Thank you and keep praying...


Anonymous said...

She will lose her hair, but she will always have those sweet, juicy cheeks!

I would like to bring over a meal when you get home...and do anything you need help with (grocery shopping, errands, anything).

I am praying for you all.


Anonymous said...

My heart is aching along with yours...as a mom who had a child at Rainbow Children's Hospital in 1975 and now a grandmother with a grandson who has been through 3 heart surgeries and
6 catheterizations....I am feeling your pain, but rejoicing that you can depend on Christ through all of this yucky time. Praying for your family and Abbey as each new procedure or medicine is introduced into her life. You may not see the "why" of this verse right now but do know that there is purpose as Rom.8:28 tells us. Colleen Campbell Dombrowski is our link. Sharon

Steven & Jill Montgomery said...

Jim & Shelley,
Steve Heere alerted me to the news on Abigail and your family this morning. I want you to know that my wife Jill and I will keep you in our prayers. I have already alerted our church so please know that a faithful body will be holding you up in prayer. Your words on the blog have been an encouragement to me and will certainly be a strong testamony to all who read them. God WILL be faithful as he promises and he is always in control. We will pray hard for a quick and full recovery, and that the whole family gets the rest they need- and is drawn closer together through this challenge. God bless you guys.

Steven Montgomery