Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh behalf of the Colberts

My name is Andy Gammons. My wife Amanda was friends with Shelley in high school. When I found out about Abbey's Leukemia, I offered to do the blog to keep people current. Shelley will be e-mailing me and I'll try and keep you up-to-date. I talked with Shelley on the phone today and she and Jim covet your prayers and support during this time.


Jessie said...

Praying for strength for all of you!
From, Jessie (went to Phil-Mont with Jim)

Keri said...

Andy, Thank you for taking over for the Colberts. We really need to be kept up to date, and for Jim and Shelly to do this, it would be very difficult to do with everything else they already have on their plate. They feel sooo supported, and loved by all that people have done already. I know they appreciate it with all of their hearts. Thanks again Andy for stepping up. Keri