Thursday, October 9, 2008


From Jim: October 8 @ 11:05 PM

We're gonna change things up a little and I (Jim) am going to write today's post. I'm not as great of a writer as Shelley is, so bear with me if this is choppy.
Just a quick side-note... I haven't been able to read all of Shelley's posts, but tonight I sat down and read them. And I am just amazed at the strength and faith of my beautiful wife. She inspires me and shows me all of the reasons why I married her and I love her with my whole heart. God has truly been glorified through Shelley.

Today was another good day. Abbey did not have to go through any chemo treatment today. She was a little cranky this morning and we had a difficult time getting her to take her daily medicines (she is normally a great medicine taker, but 8 different medications a day are a getting to be a lot for her to willingly take). She has to take a steroid and one other medicine twice a day. She takes one medicine three times per day. She also has to take prevacid once a day. She was being stubborn and refused to take the medicine in the morning. So, our wonderful nurse came up with the idea of taking the medications with ice cream. The doctors and nurses have said that it doesn't really matter how Abbey gets the medication down, but just that she gets them down. Even though it seems like a simple thing to do, it is extremely important that Abbey takes this medication and that she takes it at the specific times. So, after much coercion and prayer, she thought the ice cream idea was great and she took her medication. So, for now, Abbey gets to have ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... I think this will be the only time in her life that this happens! But this is still going to be one of our big prayers as our journey goes forward. Abbey will be changing medications as time goes on and she will have to adapt to them, so we are anticipating that she won't always be willing to take her medications. So, please continue to pray for her and Shelley and I as we try and get her to take her medications.

We had a few visitors today as well. Shelley's mom and step-dad who also brought Micah with them, my parents (who are in from Philly), Jacob stopped by with Samua Cherry and her son Isaac. Samua has told us that Isaac has had Abbey on his mind lately and is praying for her and he has said that he loves her. Abbey really enjoyed her time with Jacob and Isaac. We got to see some of Abbey's usual antics and her beautiful smile. She brings joy to my heart just thinking about her!

We also wanted to praise God for protecting our friends, Todd and Hilary Gorrell. They were involved in an accident last night on their way to see us at the hospital. God protected them and allowed them to walk away from what could have been a devastating crash. Satan is trying to attack us one by one yet our faith is unshaken. We serve a limitless God!

We know that He is using our daughter to do His work and to bring glory to Himself. We told Abbey this and we hope that somehow in that little mind of her's that she understands this. She knows that her Savior loves her and we know that if He can conquer death, then He can conquer leukemia in my little girl's body!


The Gammons Family said...

Even though I have only spent very limited time with you I feel like I know you from your blog. Thank you SO much for being man enough to put your heart out there (on this and so many other posts.) You are an example and spur me on to good works. I have prayed especially for you during this time. From one dad to another, please know that I will be imploring God on your behalf. I know that God will be glorified, as He has already been, through the strength that He gives you to love Shelley and your kids.


Anonymous said...

Jim + Shelley---
This is Shirley (Amanda's mom and Andy's mother-in-law). I've been praying for you each day as I've kept up with your ordeal thru this blog. You are very strong and mature in the Lord! Please know that Abbey is being held up in prayer, and we all are asking the Lord for her recovery and that HE be honored.
Love you...
Shirley ( nickname)

Samua said...

Hi guys,

When we left the hospital yesterday I asked Isaac if he had any questions or wanted to talk about Abbey. I figured he might since he saw the IV attached to her and her port on her chest. So he asked what was the 'white thing' for (her port). We talked about how it's for her medicine, and talked again about the side effect of her losing her hair. When I asked him what he thought about that he replied, 'I think she'll be beautiful!'. Kids are amazing, and it's amazing to see how they really love one another!