Thursday, October 9, 2008

Prayer Time

On Friday, October 10th, we will be having a time of prayer in the atrium of the hospital for Abbey. She will be going back for her two procedures at 9a.m. and we would really be encouraged if as many of you could come out to pray for her, us, the doctors, etc... as possible.  She will be having a repeat bone marrow test and spinal fluid test to see what is going on in these places.  We are not anticipating any cancer cells to be present in the spinal fluid since there were none there to begin with, but the bone marrow test will tell us a lot at this point.  They will compare the bone marrow from last Friday to tomorrow to see how the chemo is working in her body.  We are expecting a miracle!  God is using our baby girl for His glory and we are praying that the doctors would come out and say "we've never seen anything like it before."  We KNOW God can do that!  Please meet us in the atrium at 9a.m. and we will cover Abbey, the doctors and everything else concerning this situation in prayer.  We look forward to this powerful time of the body of Christ coming together to pray for our precious Abigail.  If you have any questions, please contact Gorrells.  Todd Gorrell - 216-536-0335 Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I can't make it to the hospital, but I will spend my morning in prayer for all of you.

Angela Mitchell

Joyous said...

Hi Colbert Family!

My name is Joy Derner, my husband Rob and I are friends with the Greer family here in Lancaster, Pa.

We can't go to Ohio for your prayer meeting tomorrow. But we will be praying at 9am for your dear, sweet Abigail! You're very right, our God is LIMITLESS! We are coming along with you in prayer and in waiting for the Sea to be parted, the Mountain moved and His praises to rush out!

Along side of you all, in Jesus' Name!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that I have many people that can't make it down praying for Abbey today. My mom's best friend Bonnie has a son who is friends with the Vitts, so she knew a little about Abbey. I gave her the church website and she is having her church pray for her too. Paige is constantly thinking of Abbey and praying for the best. Let Abbey know Paige loves her. We all do.

We love you guys and you are a real inspiration to us all.

The Svendsens

Anonymous said...

Colberts...Can't make it to the hospital...but I will be praying at my desk. Our God is a great an awesome God. Thanks for giving him the glory through this. Love and Blessings, Gail Mace.

Anonymous said...

Colbert family,
Even though I won't be able to be at the hospital today, I will be praying for Abbey and your family this morning. I have been telling friends about you and have them praying also. God Bless You!

Becky Keller

rachhyde said...

I am and will be praying for the surgery and results all day...Malone University students have you in their prayers as well!!!
~Rachael Hyde

Anonymous said...

many prayers are being lifted in central pennsylvania for abbey today...and everyday! :)

Anonymous said...

A friend just forwarded me your email. I don't know you, but rest assured you and your precious Abbey are in my prayers. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking and praying for your family since the day I heard of your news. I will continue to keep you in my prayers today and everyday. Angela Tyrpak (friend of Samua Cherry, from The Melting Pot)