Saturday, October 18, 2008


The doctor called us at midnight to give us an update on the results from Abbey's bone marrow biopsy.  Earlier he explained to us that once they have her marrow, they will first look at it through a microscope with their human eye and see how much if any leukemia cells they see.  Then, the marrow goes through a machine and that machine is able to tell them the exact percentage of leukemia cells (there are microscopic cells that can't be seen with the human eye).  Well, the machine is backed up so her marrow has not yet gone through the machine.  He did look at her marrow in the microscope and did not see any leukemia cells at all!  That of course is very encouraging and the best news that we could've gotten from him just looking with his eye.  We are thankful and encouraged by this news!!!  He told us that he can't give a percentage number at this point though since the machine can see everything including the microscopic cells and that tomorrow her marrow should go through the machine so we should know the exact percentage.  We are so relieved right now and are just resting in this news. 
Abbey got a book called 'Psalms For Young Children' today (thanks LoRussos) and Jim and I have both been reading and meditating on the verses tonight while waiting for the news.  Psalm 4 (kids version) says

God, when I'm in my bed
at night, I think about you.
And then I'm not scared of
anything.  I can fall asleep
quietly and in peace.

Tonight as we go to sleep we are going to rest in the fact that the doctor saw NO leukemia cells in the microscope.  We are going to rest in the fact that when we think about and meditate on God, we won't be scared. We will fall asleep quietly and in peace tonight. 

One more verse...  Psalm 34 (kids version)

I will pray to God every day of my life.
I want others to know how great God is;
I want others to sing to God with me.
With God, I have everything that I need.
With God nothing is missing.

We could not go through this without our God!  We have everything that we need since we know and love Him.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying so hard with us today!  We are thankful for this news and will let you know the exact percentage when we find out tomorrow :)  


Aggie said...

We have been praying and waiting for an update. Praising God with you at this great news. We will continue to pray for what He alone can do! Praising God that all of you are resting in His peace tonight!

"In peace I will both lie down and sleep for you alone oh Lord make me dwell in safety" (Psalm 4:8)

Aggie said...
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Anonymous said...

With God, ALL things are possible! (Mt 19:26) We will continue to pray for the upcoming results!!

-the Ortega's

jessica said...

hi, we have never met, a friend of mine is a friend of yours and asked us to pray. my husband's name is jim and our daughter is abigail, so immediately i felt connected to you in this weird way. anyhow, i just want you to know that we are praying for you and so thrilled to hear this good news. god is good. we will keep praying.

Amber said...

This is wonderful news! I asked the Lord, and He answered all of my prayers - no leukemia cells, and for you to rest in His peace. Praise Jesus!

Chris and Sarah said...

Praise God!!!!!! He is good!

Greers said...

Crying tears of JOY with you Shelley and Jim!!! We are so thankful for this news and will continue to lift Abbey Up. We love you!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! What great news for the weekend!

I will be glad and rejoice in your love, for you saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul.
Psalm 31:7

Rejoicing with you-
Angela Mitchell

GailJohn said...

Gail and I have been praying for little Abigail and are so happy to hear about the results. We will continue to keep her in our prayers.

John and Gail Heere
(parents of your friend, Steve)