Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today was Abbey's first day at the out-patient clinic.  We didn't tell her we were going until right before we left because we are learning that if we tell her too much in advance about anything unpleasant (we saw this in the hospital a lot) then she has too much time to think about it and ends up ruining more time.  So, we told her right as we were walking out the door and it seemed to be good because she was distracted by being on the move and didn't get too upset about going back to the doctor.  They gave us a cream that we can apply on her port site two hours before going and the cream numbs the area where the needle is put in.  

She did amazing today.  She fussed a little when they were getting the needle in, but it was much better then we expected.  The nurses and doctors were wonderful there and we totally feel like these people are holding our hands each step of the way.  Her counts looked really good... better than they expected.  She did not need blood or platelets today and the doctor was surprised.  

On Friday she has her bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap.  We will have to go in early that morning for platelets and they will again check her to see if she needs blood too.  We will find out her procedure time tomorrow and we are praying for a pretty early time slot.  She can't eat anything until after it's over and the steroids that she's on are making her EXTREMELY hungry. We've never seen anything like it before.  She is eating more each meal then she used to eat in a day.  The doctors said they've seen it a million times before... a little girl who used to eat like a bird (that was Abbey) gets put on these steroids and starts eating like a football player. Anyways, it will be very hard to hold her off eating too long so we are praying that she can get her platelets very early in the morning and then get her procedures done right after.  

The doctors explained to us what they want to see on Friday in her bone marrow.  They really want to see 5% or less of leukemia cells in her marrow on Friday.  If it is more then that, they will do a repeat test two weeks later and if it again isn't low enough (at that point they want to see less than 1%), then they will intensify her treatment.  Please pray for there to be 5% or less of cancer cells in her marrow this Friday.  When we were admitted the cancer cells in her marrow were 95%.  Last Friday they were 55%.  This is our biggest request yet, so please commit to praying for those cancer cells to be dying like crazy and flushing out of her body.  

Tonight she hasn't been feeling well.  She is having a lot of stomach pains and is overall very weak.  Earlier we were playing some Christian kids worship music and Jacob was doing motions and dancing around the living room.  She was laying on the couch and smiling under her paci.  It melted our hearts to see that smile peeking through even though she wasn't feeling well.  She is a trooper!!  We are so thankful that today went well.  God carried all three of us through it and we are thankful.  He is giving us a peace that could only come from Him and we saw that peace in Abbey today as we sat at the clinic.  

Thank you Lord for being so real to us and giving us only what we can handle each day.  


Samua said...

Hi guys!

As always our hearts and prayer go out to you! It's encouraging ot see God working, and I believe it was thanks to Him that her blood count was better than they had expected. We will certainly be praying for her cancer cells count to be below 5%. As well that she feels better over all! We love you all so much!!

The Cherrys

Anonymous said...

The Justus family is praying and will pray specifically for Abbey's count to be below 5%.

In Him,
Doug, Debbie, Daniel, and David

Psalm 91

Steve and Mel VanDerPloog (Demler) said...

First and foremost, we are continually praying for sweet Abbey and your family. Thank you for the updates because it gives us specific things to pray for. Second, your family is truly an amazing witness of Our God's power. The strength in Him you are showing to the hundreds of people following your family's journey is awesome! Your family is sending God's message of peace and complete faith to more people than you will ever know. Thank you. I am excited to see God show you the miracles he has planned for you. we will continue to pray!

Andy said...

Hey guys!

Such good news, praise God!

Your faith and hope are like a stone dropped in a lake. The rings are radiating outward and touching many lives for the glory of God and to the praise of His name.

Katie Swartz said...

Thank you for all the detailed updates! I can't believe you can find the time (and strength) to keep all of us up to date on everything. I am following closely! I have been thinking about, and praying for you guys daily. I'm so glad Abbey is so strong, and I will continue to pray for increased improvement! Love you...


Anonymous said...

We will definitely be praying for MORE THAN 5% less cells!!!! Praise God that it's already dropped 40%!!!!!! Halleluia!!!

Love you guys,
The Ortega's

Bill said...

We are praying for Abbey's count to be less than 5%. I wish I could be there tomorrow to pray with you in person. I will be praying at 1:45PM probably from my car.

Here is a verse I read the other day. I could not help but to stop and pray for Abbey. Think about it!

Mt. 4:23 Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news and healing every disease and sickness.

Lots of love, The Watsons